Meeting between history and peace

The structure is part of a farmhouse that has origins from the Roman times with a closed court of classical seventeenth-century conformation and with a watchtower that was used to prevent the attacks of Saracens from the sea. It dates back to 1500s. Il Giardino di Vigliano is not far away from places which are known all over the world for their beauty like Positano, Amalfi and Sorrento that surely are worth a visit.
Also within the coast you can make interesting excursions: not far from our farmhouse is the Lighthouse of Punta Campanella and the Bay of Ieranto.


The restaurant

The restaurant food of the farmhouse is made with the expert hands of the women of the house, Ida and Natasha, who respect the tradition of Campania by making classic recipes with the organic products from the farm garden and local products.

The restaurant is available only for guests of the farmhouse and therefore you  can  eat your meal in total privacy and tranquillity.

The exterior

The exterior offers lots of comfort for evenings in the open air. There is  a furnished gazebo, a dining area complete with pizza oven, wrought-iron sitting area and lots of peace to enjoy the sun and tranquillity away from the chaos of some of  the most popular roads on the Sorrento coast.


The interiors


Tastefully decorated with classic furniture and the Sorrento ceramic decorations crafted by Valentina Nunziata, the interiors of the Farmhouse Il Giardino di Vigliano, includes a restaurant where breakfast and dinner is served and also a comfortable lounge with a LCD TV.

An incredible experience


The Nunziata family welcomes every guest as an old friend dedicating every kind of attention but also making you feel at home, in the most authentic traditional neapolitan way.
You will be able to dough pizza and bread with Ida, watch Valentina while she paints her watercolours that then become beautiful ceramics or listen to her while she plays the cello, chat with Luigi and Natascia who take their beautiful little poodles for a walk and proudly will show you their wedding album, or observe Peppino who with his skilled hands makes a graft, builds a "straw" for the citrus grove or devotes himself to his hobby: - He is a true master in the ancient eighteenth century art of the Neapolitan nativity scene in terracotta and cork.