The Limoncello of Sorrento

Only with organic lemons from our lemon grove in Sorrento. 
The Limoncello is our product of excellence. Its unmistakable characteristic scent depends directly on the quality of our lemons and on the care and love we put into doing it. It is made with strictly organic lemon peel infused in alcohol  which is added to a syrup of water and sugar. The simplicity and genuineness of this product makes it the most famous digestive in the world.


Organic jams


Only with organic fruit from our citrus grove.
Our jam is produced on the same day as it is harvest to ensure that the freshness of the fruit remains captured while preserving the original aromas and flavours. We mainly produce lemons and orange jam, but we also have a small amount of mandarin and pink grapefruit. All citrus jams are made in the winter when the fruit reaches its full ripeness. With our jams we love to surprise the palate of those who taste them, because by using the peel which is  properly processed and clean the bitter parts, we can preserve and maintain while  unchanging  unique flavour of Sorrento citrus.

The Extra virgin Olive oil with the scent of lemons


D.O.P. oil of Sorrento Peninsula with Sorrento Lemon I.G.P.
The extra virgin olive oil with lemon is a very valuable product that comes from our territory thanks to the secret recipe studied by a farm with an oil mill located in Massa Lubrense. The oil is milled with the Sorrento IGP lemon peel that contains a high concentration of essential oil. A unique and excellent product is obtained from this magical mix. An oil with a delicate aroma, ideal for seasoning fish dishes, shellfish, salads and vegetables.


Limoncello cream

Only made with high quality organic lemons from our citrus grove.
The limoncello cream is made from limoncello to which milk is added. It is an excellent digestive that satisfies the palates of everyone, even those who do not particularly like liquor because it has a very low alcohol content.

Lemon Grappa

With Lemon of Sorrento I.G.P.
The lemon grappa is an excellent grappa that releases a very pleasant taste full of lemon freshness. It is produced for us by a company in the Sorrento Peninsula that supplies us periodically and they  use the lemons of our citrus grove.